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Window Treatments are More Important than you think...

Updated: May 11, 2020

Window treatments seem like the most basic of home elements, but not one we really put a lot of thought into. However, when chosen carefully, drapes can make a world of difference in your enjoyment of your home, and even affect things like the longevity of your furniture, the quality of sleep you’re getting at night and even the amount of your energy bills.

Here is a list of reasons why window treatments are important to having a comfortable, safe and enjoyable home.

1. Energy Efficient & Save You Money

Draperies, some curtains and certain shades provide insulation – especially important if your windows are older. Keep out unwanted cold and heat, and keep your AC-cooled air (and your money) from literally going out the window. Layering windows with draperies gives you plenty of options to balance sunlight, privacy and temperatures within any room.

2. Privacy & Safety

No one is going to feel relaxed in their home, thinking that someone outside is staring at them.  Especially if you travel often, for work or leisure, making sure your window coverings don’t allow people to see straight in becomes a safety measure you can’t afford to skip. Many people are familiar as well with the ability to control transparency of shades. Varieties of window treatments allow for some unique privacy options as well, such as sheer curtains that allow plenty of sunlight and zero exterior visibility into your home.

3. UV Protection for You, Your Furniture, Electronics & Art

While sunlight coming in through windows is a beautiful and warming thing, it’s not always the best for you or your home. UV rays do come through windows with the light, and as we all know, we need to limit UV rays for our own health. UV rays also are damaging over time to everything from your electronics, your flooring, couches and art on your walls. Especially considering they’re often hit in the same places day to day, you could end up with weird, uneven color changes on rugs, walls and more. Protect your things from fading by ensuring they’re not being hit with unfiltered sunlight.

4. Your Home Looks More Finished and Professionally Designed

Even if you didn’t work with an interior designer on your whole home style, our designers will work with you to make sure your window treatments are a perfect fit for your architecture and your style. Uncovered windows make spaces look unfinished, while carefully chosen window coverings can add charm, elegance, sophistication or even soften an otherwise-hard lined space. The end result will be a much more upscale and complete appearance to every room.

5. Window Treatments Can Improve Your Life
Managing light in your bedroom can have a profound impact on your sleep, and studies even show that sunlight helps us concentrate better. Additionally, you can prevent annoying glare from ruining your favorite TV show or your preferred breakfast spot. When you add in automation, you can also do great things like program all your windows to your daily schedule. This way your bedroom curtains open so you can wake up to natural light, close while you’re at work to keep out the afternoon sun and associated heat and so much more.

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