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From concept to completion, our mission is to create spaces that are a true reflection of the people utilizing them. As our client, you are our top priority and we ensure that your expectations are not only met but exceeded. Simply put, we are passionate about creating beautiful and functional spaces. 
The cornerstone of our success is our passion for excellence in our designs, business partnerships and customer service. Our objective is to design functionally efficient and aesthetically pleasing environments that promote comfort, excitement and the feeling that the space has come to life. ​

From the paint color to the furniture, rugs to window treatments, every choice you make for your home impacts the overall look and feel. Make sure your home reflects your style and taste by seeking the help of a professional interior decorator. We have successfully completed over 100 Interior Design projects nationwide!

L & L Interior Design has been creating beautiful rooms for 10 years. Whether your style is traditional or modern, rustic or luxurious, the design professionals at L & L Interior Design have the experience to help you choose the products and design that suit your style and your budget.

Have a business? We are also 

commercial interior decorators!

For Lina Kreymerman and Elena Nesterova, owners of Sova Home Design (a.k.a. LnL Interior Designs), interior design does not live in the confines of one style of art. With combined back-grounds in architecture, fashion design, and design management, the business partners pull inspiration from pop culture, jewelry, the latest trends on the runway, and both classic and contemporary fine art when crafting collections in their South Brooklyn interior design emporium.

“Our style is eclectic,” explained Kreymerman. “It’s modern mixed with antique, and a lot of people appreciate that. The younger crowd tends to choose modern, but they still want some kind of detailing.”

Now in its eighth year of operation, the boutique offers an array of design services, but all focus on one shared concept: customization.

The future partners met at a fashion show in the late faughts and became fast friends. One year after making their introductions, the concept of Sova was born.

“She [Nesterova] was a fashion designer, and that’s how I met her,” recalled Kreymerman. “I fell in love with her pieces. We have the exact same taste in fashion and clothing. After a year of us being friends and me shopping at her studios, we decided to open our own.”

LnL Interior Designs' services include residential remodeling, showroom design, space planning, interior detailing, and art procurement. The designers’ principal specialty, however, is custom window treatments. From lightweight sheers to dramatic panels crafted of velvet or suede, every dressing is made by hand in the studio. The designers work one on one with customers to decide upon the desired mood, Kreymerman explained, and will happily visit a residence to offer professional recommendations. The biggest challenge the store faces, the co-owner pointed out, is sourcing the exact fabric or design the client wants, but they are always up for a challenge.

“We once sourced a fabric for Roman shades, and it needed to be pleated in a special way,” said Kreymerman. “We searched everywhere and finally found it from a place in New Zealand.

They were the only ones making it.”

The designers are also versed in custom prints and can drape virtually anything from pillows to throws to plastered walls. They also welcome images from customers, or can draft a design by hand.

“We both love to paint and know how to draw,” added Kreymerman. “A person comes in and tells us what they are thinking and most of the time we create it from scratch.”

Past creations include portraits in metallics, whimsical depictions of exotic animals (such as peacocks and butterflies), and abstract collections of colors. The partners also host periodic classes inside their studio that amalgamate both art and fashion design. Students follow along with the instructors to compose a certain image, then work with a designated fabric to create their own article of clothing.


“We work with different fabrics, even leather. Students paint or draw a certain image, then we make a piece out of it, like a dress, jacket, or pants,” said Kreymerman.

The business just celebrated the opening of its new location on Kings Highway. But even as things get bigger, the co-owner explained, their operation is still all about the little touches.

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