Tips on How to Instantly Refresh Your Interior Design

Getting bored with your room design? You don’t need to re-paint your walls or buy a new furniture. You can quickly add new vibes to your room with the help of bright details. A window mirror is not just an attractive accent but also an accessory, which will create the illusion of more light and space in your room. The same effect can be achieved by adding mirrors to the window reveals. A fresh idea for the kitchen cabinets: paint inner walls into some bright color, contrast to the main color. Even simple standard cabinets will transform them into a stylish accents. Create a wall gallery, put the photos of your beloved ones or the photos from your trips on the wall. Add some statement lighting and you will fall in love with your room again. And of course last but not least, you might want to add new drapery panels to your living room, matching the current colors and fabrics in trend.