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Tips for Converting Your Garage Into a Fabulous Home Office

Recent statistics show that over 3.9 million Americans work from home for about half of the week. This figure also includes persons who are freelancers. If you’re working from home on a regular basis, it might be good to have a home office where you can get your work done undisturbed. Without a room inside the house to dedicate to an office, converting your garage to the space you need might be your next best option.

Clear Out Clutter

In most households, the garage acts as a storage area for everything from holiday decorations to sports memorabilia. According to Unclutter, you’ll need to get rid of everything you have no need for and donate items that are still in good condition. You have to be ruthless about picking through your clutter, as anything you decide to keep will either have to be incorporated into your home office design or stored elsewhere in the house. If you find old furniture and other odd items in the garage, consider remaking them into things that you can use around the house or add a unique element to your new home office. For instance, things like old chairs, doors, and wooden crates can be excellent blank slates for creativity.

Use Space Wisely

When considering your home office, you’ll have to work within the space constraints of your garage. To get an accurate figure for what you’re working with, you’ll need to take some measurements before talking with the professionals. As far as designs go, you can choose one that not only functions well in the space you have but will also suit your aesthetic tastes. Since you’ll be working in the space and possibly entertaining clients in the area, you should factor in your lighting needs. Ideally, you should find ways to incorporate natural lighting into the design as well. If this is not possible or insufficient for providing adequate illumination, Y Lighting suggests playing around with desk lamps, overhead lighting, and ambient lighting.

You May Need Modifications

According to Home Guides, there may be certain regulations that govern your garage conversion, so it’s important that you know them before you start. These regulations usually deal with the height of the windows, insulation, and the size of the doors. If you’ll be meeting with clients or customers in your new office, it will be necessary to make the home office as accommodating and accessible as possible. This may mean that you’ll have to raise the floor of your garage so that it’s in line with the rest of the house. Without that option, you may need to convert the garage door into an acceptable entranceway.

Assess Your Specific Needs

When you’re setting up your home office, be sure to make a note of all the things you’ll need before the conversion starts. It’s easier to put them in during the process than to add them on afterward. Depending on your needs, your home office may need to have its own wireless internet connection, a separate phone line, and wireless printers or scanners. You may also need a conference call speaker that will make your conference calls more bearable and efficient. Since you’ll be spending some time in the office, make sure to get chairs that are comfortable and if possible ergonomic in nature.

When you’re trying to work well from home, a home office can be your best bet at creating your own space. Without a spare room to call your own, your garage can be the next best option. You can convert garage space into the office space of your dreams if you choose the right design and equipment that’s functional as well as beautiful.

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