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4 Budget - Friendly DIY Projects for When the Kids Move Out

Your children leaving the family home can be a bittersweet experience. You are probably worried about whether they will be okay on their own, but at the same time, you can’t help being excited about having the house to yourself. The possibilities for renovations are endless, but before you start getting carried away with grand projects, here are four DIY projects for empty nesters that will transform your home without breaking the bank.

Set Up a Home Gym

With a free room suddenly available in the house, you can finally have the home gym of your dreams. You don’t need to do much to a room to make it a viable gym: just put down some rubber flooring for safety and a mirror on one of the walls. A lot of gym machines can be expensive, so why not create some of the equipment yourself? You’d be surprised at how much gym equipment you can make with upcycled parts -- check out this list of 21 projects . Alternatively, you can check out sites like Dick’s Sporting Goods to build your gym a little at a time. Check online deals and promotions to see if you can find worthwhile discounts -- kettle bells and weights can cost a lot, not to mention shipping!

Boost Your Garage Storage

Your child may have left the nest, but chances are a whole lot of their stuff hasn’t. If you are planning on using the bedroom for a personal project, you will need to find something to do with all of its contents. This is a good opportunity for working on your storage space, and the garage is a great place for extra storage space. You can add extra shelving, cabinets or even storage cabinets. Keep costs low by searching for online deals. Lowe’s offers several ways you can save money as you prep for your project, and sites like Ebates have cashback offers that can leave money in your wallet you can put toward your next project.

Cozy Up in a Reading Room

If you prefer books to barbells, you can also transform that new extra room into a dedicated study. Whether you’ve always dreamed of a full wall covered in books or you just want to set up a perfect little reading nook, make sure there is plenty of good lighting for reading at any time of day, and surround yourself with every comfort you need for a few hours of peace and quiet. A sofa bed is a great addition to your reading room as it acts as a comfy place to read, nap, and relax -- and there are myriad discounts and coupons online to help cut down on the price! This DIY version, meanwhile, costs less than $150 to build. It also means your kid won’t have to sleep on the couch downstairs when they come to visit.

Build a Walk-In Closet

Everyone has fantasized about the perfect walk-in closet, and now you can make this dream a reality. Say goodbye to crowded, messy closets and transform the extra bedroom into a place where you can keep your clothes and shoes separate and organized. In order to save money, focus on using simple wooden boards to create sections and then hang your clothes on DIY hanging rails. Hanging is far cheaper than buying large dressers or ordering cabinets, plus hanging is easier and better for displaying your clothes. Make sure you have the right tools for the job -- getting the dimensions just right is likely to be a challenge, so a high-quality tape measure  is essential. You can build your own shoe racks or shoe trees, or you can find decorative storage to help give your new closet some extra panache. When scouring for storage pieces, materials or tools, do yourself a favor and look online for sales and discounts at retailers like Home Depot or The Container Store.

Ultimately, it’s entirely up to you to choose what to do with your empty nest. You can set up a crafts room, art studio, man cave, meditation area, or even a super-luxurious spa. Transforming a bedroom doesn’t have to be expensive, so it’s definitely worth making use of all that extra space to treat yourself. After all, this is your reward for raising a child to adulthood -- enjoy it!

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