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OHCO M.8 4D L-Track Super Luxury Massage Chair

4D Sens8 w/ Heated Infrared Rollers | L-Track MaxTrack | Industry Leading Design | Made in Japan | Side Entry | Zero Gravity / Inversion / Bed | Advanced Body Scan | Extended Heat Therapy | Foot & Calf Rollers | Unique Hand/Arm Air Massage | Bluetooth | Aromatherapy | Chromotherapy | SpaceSaver
The all-new OHCO M.8 features industry-leading design and is the creation of legendary Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama and Shiatsu Master Okabayashi Sensei. This marriage of design functionality and elegance coupled with the most lifelike massage choreography possible has created a completely unique and special massage experience that is unmatched in the industry.  Ken has created a luxuriously tranquil experience amidst exquisite world-class engineering and shiatsu choreography created by a Shiatsu Sensei.  This is simply the most advanced chair we've ever seen and it shows in all the details--from the superior design elements and choreography, infrared heated 4D MaxTrack rollers, thoughtful kneading headrest and side entry (first of its kind and finally a chair accessible to those in wheelchairs) to the foot and calf rollers, aromatherapy, air ionizer and bluetooth.  You will not be disappointed by this experience and will be glad you decided to go this route.
Sens8™ 4D Massage w/ Heated Infrared Rollers
The proprietary Sens8™ 4D rollers are at the core of the OHCO M.8 massage chair. The 4D engine of the OHCO M.8 provides all the basic movements you've come to expect like tapping, kneading, rolling, and combinations, but also advanced massage algorithms to mimic the feel of human hands. The M.8 precisely manages speed from fast to our proprietary UltraSlow movements which allow a truly therapeutic touch when and where you need it most. Rapid acceleration and deceleration of motor speeds create patterns of movement that feel just like your best therapist. Other software design elements add nuance, complexity, and range to the movements of the DeltaWave engine. These engineered elements are perfectly blended to provide an experience that’s maximally therapeutic and deeply relaxing.
MaxTrack L-Track Technology
The OHCO M.8 Massage Chair features a 49" MaxTrack (similar, but much better, to an L-Track). Your new M.8 will seamlessly move from the upright position to zero gravity, bed-position (lying flat) and even inversion. While still allowing the seat, back, and legs to adjust independently, the MaxTrack design ensures a precise massage throughout every point of contact. As a result of the flexibility of the Maxtrack design, the M.8 massage chair can seamlessly execute massage in the zero-gravity position and the lie-flat posture, and also offer exceptional range during back extension movements for a superior stretch function.
Zero Gravity, Lie-Flat, and Inversion
The OHCO M.8 massage chair can adjust into an infinite number of recline positions including Zero Gravity, Lay Flat (Bed Position), and Inversion making the M.8 unique in the L-Track (Long Track) massage chair category.  If you'd like to take all the pressure off of your spine, go into zero gravity; if you'd like to stretch your spine and prefer more of a Trendelenberg position with the legs further elevated, then select an inversion and if you'd simply like to lay flat that's also possible too.
Easy Entry and Exit Side Doors
The OHCO M.8 is the very first massage chair EVER to allow for side-entry making it easily accessible to all--even those in wheelchairs.  At the simple press of a button, you can now move into and out of your OHCO M.8 massage chair from the Left or the Right Swing door.  Simply press the button and open the side door like you would your car, slide in, shut the door and begin your engine--wait, start your massage. ;) (but honestly, this chair is like a Ferrari; homage to its designer)
Made in Japan
In Japan, standards of excellence are not measured by a fixed point, but rather a tireless search for improvement.  Japanese massage chairs have long been touted as the world-wide leader in quality, craftsmanship and design.  It is this exhausting attention to detail and spirit that never stops striving, which is why every OHCO Massage Chair is made in Japan.  
Unparalleled Design Conceived by world-renowned designer Ken Okuyama, the OHCO M.8 is the perfect blend of beauty and precision with unrivaled comfort and function. He conceived the most exclusive Ferrari ever sold, yet it is in stillness that Ken finds renewal and finding peace in timeless design.
Shiatsu Master Choreographed Massage
The OHCO M.8 massage choreography for every single program has been designed by Japanese shiatsu master, Okabayashi sensei. Under his direction, OHCO engineers have been able to create a completely unique and special experience which is a beautiful orchestration of touch bringing your whole self into harmony, freeing up the body’s healing power to rejuvenate both mind and body.
Knead and Stretch Headrest
Experience gentle neck traction as the OHCO M.8 headrest lightly relieves pressure on your cervical spine with air-driven neck stretching. Mechanical rollers then work and knead the muscles in the back of your neck. Find relief and help restore neck mobility with every session.  The headrest of the M.8 will actually massage your traps!
Reflexology Foot and Thera Elliptical Calf Kneading Rollers
The OHCO M.8 features a carefully choreographed 2-way foot roller gently soothes the soles of the feet as well as a heel Shiatsu pad which can easily be removed of too intense. Special to the M.8 is the TheraElliptical Calf Kneading roller system which gently compresses and kneads your calves to enhance circulation.  Additionally, the M.8 comes with foot buffer pads if needed.
Full Body Air Massage
The OHCO M.8 massage chair was completely designed with a very thoughtful approach.  With one of the most comprehensive air massage systems available today, you'll immediately notice the difference. When used all at once, enjoy air compression to your feet, calves, hips, outer thighs, glutes, arms, hands, neck, and shoulders, melting away muscle soreness and fatigue.
Unique Arm Air Massage
The OHCO M.8 offers an extremely unique Arm Massage experience which is unmatched in the industry.  With 12 individually controlled aircells, you will feel relief to your palms, forearms and arms like never before conducting movements that select from countless combinations to fit the exact needs of your arms.
Full Body Heat
The M.8 features full-body heat to the foot, palm, back and seat area which serves to increase bloodflow and improve circulation plus enhance the overall massage experience.  We happen to think that it feels good too after a long day. Each heat zone can be independently controlled in order to ensure your complete comfort. Infrared heating elements located directly on the massage rollers provide point-specific heat to help loosen and relax muscles, and improve blood circulation.
Air Ionizer and White Noise Generator
Enjoy each fresh breath you take as the Air Ionizer removes dust, dander, spores, and other irritants. Located in the headrest of the OHCO M8, a small fan moves ionized air through the vent port, echoing the sound of faint ocean waves. Clear the air and clear your mind.
You can now enjoy your favorite aromatherapy with your massage session int he OHCO M.8 Massage Chair.  Simply add a few drops to the headrest diffuser stone to bring an aromatic dimension to your escape.  The OHCO M.8 is that thoughtful in its design.  Your sensory receptors will immediately be stimulated, sending relaxing signals to your subconscious.  
Bluetooth Audio
Heighten your experience in the OHCO M.8 by connecting your smart device directly to the massage chair so that you can enjoy your favorite music, relaxing sounds, a guided meditation or even a podcast.
Space Saving Technology
The OHCO M.8 massage chair is perfect for smaller spaces and only requires 6.25” (15 cm) between the upright backrest position and a wall making.
USB Power Ports with Cell Phone Slot
A USB port is located at the inside front of each arm of the OHCO M.8 so that you're never without power again. There's also a discreet spot to place your cellphone during your massage so that you don't have to hunt around for it anymore when you're done.
M-Sense Light Pool
The OHCO M.8 uses motion sensors and a warm LED light to sense when you are approaching.  These soft lights serve as a gentle welcoming invitation to your next massage.  In a dark room, this is especially handy.   
Multi-Language Slim LCD Remote Control
Designed to be simple and intuitive, the easy-to-read user interface allows you to adjust and monitor your massage. Multiple language selections are also available in English, Vietnamese and Korean.

Product Warranty

OHCO 3 Year Limited Warranty

OHCO covers their massage chairs with a 3-year limited warranty.
This will cover in-home service and parts for up to 3 years.
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